Think you know everything about Arnaud Ducret? However, the 42-year-old actor and hero of the film Divorce Club never ceases to surprise you. Originally from Rouen in Seine-Maritime, he was revealed on the small screen thanks to his sketches in Morning Live, the crazy morning of M6 presented by Michael Youn.

However, before going on the screen, Arnaud Ducret was forced to do odd jobs, as he explained on June 28 in It feels good on Europe 1. “In the afternoon I work in a store, in the evening I work in a restaurant, and from time to time, I dub pornographic films”, he confided in front of Anne Roumanoff very curious about this revelation. “I dubbed everything and everyone because there was no budget. […] I did everything. I dubbed vocally, not physically, well I could have!”.

The actor then tried his hand at a dubbing demonstration not without a touch of humor and exaggeration in the sound effects. “You know, they don’t worry about porn movie plots,” he says to laughter from the team. Then Arnaud Ducret returned to the reasons for this unusual career choice. “I had a friend of mine who did that. At the time, there was no internet like now where everything is visible very quickly on the net. And then the dialogues, who cares a bit. C It’s silly, but there are plenty of voice actors who start like that”, assures the forty-year-old today.

Since this very surprising experience, Arnaud Ducret has also given voice in another area alongside a famous singer with glasses…

Another talent of Arnaud Ducret: music. In his youth, the Rouennais was part of a gospel choir where he gave voice among the men’s choirs. As evidenced by this series of publications which resurfaced from the past, on the occasion of his “almost complete move” and which he unveiled in October 2020 on Instagram.

“For all those who want to get there one day in this profession, look at my 1st photo and tell yourself that anything is possible”, he joked in front of his youthful photos. Brown with a dark goatee and a charming look in this shot, we then discover him dressed in a black suit, as a soloist on stage during a concert with his group.

A musical passion that led Arnaud Ducret to perform with Nana Mouskouri on the set of a famous show in 2002. It was during this show that one of his love stories began…

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In 2002, Arnaud Ducret was one of the choristers who accompanied singer Nana Mouskouri during a bonus of the second season of Star Academy. During his stint in Daily in 2018, the actor reviewed the images of his performance, taking the opportunity to reveal a beautiful anecdote about his love life.

“It was on this set that I met the person with whom … here. And ten years later, we had a child together”, according to his remarks reported by Purepeople. At the time, the singer-turned-actor only had eyes for Maurine Nicot, one of the dancers on the TF1 show. “Backstage, I was seated next to a dancer with green eyes, so beautiful that I had not dared to approach her. Her memory haunted me. Let’s just say that I have never forgotten her!” , he confided to Yann Barthès before continuing. “Ten years later, when I was part of the troupe of the musical show Spamalot, Pierre-François Martin-Laval asked me to meet the dancers of the show and find one in my size. And I fall back on Maurine” .

An incredible sign of fate for the artist who can finally seize his chance. “I tell him everything, we talk to each other, we like each other. Our love story started there. Since then, we have had a little boy named Oscar”, born in July 2012.

If the idyll between Maurine Nicot and Arnaud Ducret ended some time ago, the actor has since found love in the arms of another dancer with a very different style.

In 2018, Arnaud Ducret formalized his new relationship with Claire Francisci, known to also be a pole dancer. It was again on a TV set, during the filming of Rock’n’roll Circus (broadcast on TF1 in 2015), that the actor fell in love with the pretty choreographer.

“There, I am told: ‘You are going to announce the performance of Claire Francisci, she is pole dancing’. Perfect. I present her, she is doing an extraordinary show, I am amazed, but nothing more”, he confided at gala. Some time later, the lovebirds find themselves and live a beautiful story. Especially since the actor is never safe from a surprise from his darling. Like the time she dared to pole dance on a subway bar. “When we were in Russia, we were in the metro and she said ‘I have to do something’. We had all the Russians who were there and watching us! She was like that (on the metro bar, editor’s note ) and I was taking pictures”, he revealed on June 1 in C à Vous on France 5.

On the family side, Arnaud Ducret and Claire Francisci form a large recomposed sibling. Already the father of his son Oscar, his fiancée is the mother of 15-year-old triplets. “My children adore Arnaud. He is doing very well with them, when they are in full adolescence. They admire him a lot. I think they were very happy when I announced that we were going to settle down together”, she assured in March 2020 in Gala. A year later, the couple got married at Mont-Saint-Michel on Saturday, July 3, 2021.