Loss of her baby, love, career… The secrets of Anouchka Delon


In the Delon family, here is Anouchka. Fruit of the union between the Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen and the actor Alain Delon, the young woman celebrated her 32 years on November 25th. For this occasion, the actress confided as rarely in a long interview granted to the Swiss newspaper Le Matin.

Settled in Switzerland for five years after leaving Paris, the French star Anouchka Delon has a special bond with this country. “I’m really happy in Geneva. I grew up here. I went to international school,” she revealed to our colleagues. “It’s a very nice city to live in when you’re young and go out, but I wanted something else. I spent my childhood between the Netherlands and Switzerland and I needed to get back to nature”.

From her happy childhood, Anouchka Delon quickly knew that she wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps. At 12, she took her first steps as an actress on television with him in the TV movie The lion. However, nothing predestined the young novice to play alongside him. “At the base, I was therefore not supposed to be part of the cast at all”, specifies the one who was to give the reply to Jean-Paul Belmondo, before his terrible stroke. “But thanks to him I had my first experience as an actress and I no longer had any doubts about my career”.

Delighted with this first experience, Anouchka Delon nevertheless remains focused on her studies. “My parents still asked me to pass my baccalaureate first,” admits the star, torn by a major dilemma. “I ended up hesitating about going to school in the United States to become a journalist. But after taking acting classes in high school, there was no longer a shadow of a doubt.”

After a “timid” start at Cours Simon, she distinguished herself in several plays from 2011, before landing her first film role in Michel Denisot’s film, Any resemblance in 2019. We also find her in I Love You hairstyle on TF1 and in the Sacha series by Léa Fazer in 2022. She will soon be appearing in Still a few moments of happiness, directed by Pascal Thomas.

Fulfilled in her acting career, Anouchka Delon can count on the support of her family. Among the men in her life, her father Alain Delon has an important place in her heart. It is for him that the actress moved to Geneva to be with the patriarch who celebrated his 87th birthday. “We were present because I find it important to have moments all together,” she told Le Matin.

Born the same month as her illustrious father, the 30-year-old celebrated this event in good company. “I’m happy to be surrounded by the men in my life for this occasion,” she confessed. Since 2010, actress Anouchka Delon has lived in a relationship with comedian Julien Dereims. Like his partner, he attended Simon lessons before making a career in comedy.

Fusion and more in love than ever, the couple confided in their story to Paris Match. “We did not grow up in Paris. Anouchka, in the Dutch countryside, and I, in the south, in Cannes. We are provincials. There is Paris and the rest of France”, evoked her spouse in 2019. United in life and on stage, they notably staged their first play, Libre est les Papillons, in which they share the bill. The actor was also seen in the theatrical adaptation of Pirates of the Caribbean in 2007 and in the cinema in Au bout du conte in 2012, 3 Days to Kiss in 2014 and Any resemblance in 2019.

In 2020, the acting couple welcomed their first child named Lino. Some time after the birth of their son, Anouchka Delon and Julien Dereims got married in an intimate ceremony. With our Swiss colleagues, the actress talks about her life as a mother with her son and the links with her grandfather. “When I bring my son to him, it tires him out quickly because he has a lot of energy. But it does him good and he is fine.” If the actress lives her motherhood with happiness, she nevertheless experienced a terrible ordeal before becoming a mother…

Before the birth of her son Lino, Anouchka Delon went through a difficult ordeal in her life: the loss of a first infant. “Before the summer, I got pregnant and we were happy. But I lost the baby in August, at three months. Life decided that way, but it’s unfair”, she told for Paris Match. “Even though I like to think that now we have a guardian angel… 2018 will scar us for life.”

His companion Julien Dereims was also affected by this sad ordeal. “Obviously, when your wife is pregnant, you project yourself, and then… in a fraction of a second, everything is over. It’s an indescribable pain”, he evoked in front of our colleagues.

Four years after this loss, Anouchka Delon returned to her family life in Le Matin, where she made new revelations about her desire for a child. “We had problems having him. A year before he was born, I lost a baby. He was sick and I had to terminate the pregnancy because I was about to have a miscarriage . It was a difficult time.” Since then, Alain Delon’s daughter has been a happy mother. “I just wanted to be a mom and have a healthy child.”