the Two men have been arrested for the theft of a dozen or so cars. The men could have the keys to get in is to break in the zwembadlockers.

as of August 1, involved a number of burglaries committed in the swimming pool in Antwerp, the Yellow Antwerp, Herentals and Mechelen, belgium. The lockers have been broken into and the suspects were searching for the car keys to the car. Ten of the cars are stolen. The three of them have already been found. By using the same modus operandi, the public prosecutor of Antwerp, all the files have been grouped together and the judge in the Turnhout, belgium claimed to have the research.

The Federal Judicial Police (PJF), division of property, do the research. Last Friday night two men, in the region of Turnhout, he is. It’s going to be a 25-year-old kosovo Serb from the civil registry and, as a 27-year-old Belgian from Antwerp, belgium. The investigating judge them on Saturday, and held for burglary, climbing, fake keys, bendevorming and attempted robbery.

The criminal investigation is being pursued. The two suspects are to appear Tuesday before the court in Turnhout, belgium.

swimming Pool Wezenberg, Antwerp, 1/8/2019 – Mercedes-CLAStedelijk swimming-pool, Yellow, 16/8/2019 – Benz DiscoveryZwembad Sorghvliedt, Hoboken, 8/8/2019 – Skoda Superb, Toyota AurisZwembad Sportoase, So, 22/8/2019 Audi A6, Audi A1, Mercedes-C220Zwembad Netepark, Herentals, belgium, 5/9/2019 – AudiZwembad Geerdegevaart, Mechelen, belgium 10/9/2019 BMW X3, Mercedes E200