Charlotte Valandrey: her most beautiful photos throughout her career


Actress Charlotte Valandrey died Wednesday July 13, 2022 at the age of 53, after a new heart transplant. The one who revealed her HIV status in 2005 with her autobiography “Love in the blood”, had recourse to a first transplant in 2003. The actress had thus become the first HIV-positive heart transplant recipient in France.

In 2008, she suffered a heart attack, her heart stopping beating for 22 seconds. And recently, she had announced on social networks that her second heart was coming to an end and that she needed a new transplant. “Waiting for my 3rd,” she wrote on Instagram on June 8.

But the actress’ body finally let go: “On June 14, Charlotte had to have emergency surgery to replace her ‘second-hand heart’ as she called it, but this new transplant did not take, this third heart did not live,” his daughter, sister and father said in a statement.

The actress Charlotte Valandrey, star of the film Rouge Baiser, confided on several occasions about her HIV seropositivity in her works Love in the blood and De coeur unknown or Every day, I listen to my heart beat. In the latter, she had also revealed that she had suffered two heart attacks, prompting her to have recourse to a heart transplant.

“Like thousands of others, I only made love, say it. My first heart attack struck me down at the age of 34. Do we know enough that triple therapy which inhibits HIV is also very aggressive for the heart? […] Why did my heart wear out so quickly? Heart transplant recipient at 34, it’s a bit early, isn’t it? […] Much more so than HIV, which I don’t I have never directly suffered, the heart transplant marked my body and turned my life upside down.”, she wrote in the pages of the book From unknown heart.

After having disappeared from the radar for a few years, the actress had made her comeback on the small screen in the hit series Tomorrow belongs to us, broadcast on TF1. A great adventure that ends in 2020 as she revealed on her Instagram account. “So here it is… As far as Tomorrow belongs to us, the stories around my character were not renewed enough. I was absent a little too often, so with the production, we decided by mutual agreement that I ‘was going to stop DNA. So you won’t see me again in Tomorrow belongs to us,’ she said in a video.

“I will miss you and I hope to leave for new adventures where we will see each other again through the screen, but in a new way. That’s how it is, that’s the life of soap operas, listen… In any case, I had a very good time“, she added.

The actress was “buried in privacy in Pléneuf-Val André”, a Breton town where she spent vacations during her childhood and which inspired her artist name, her relatives announced.

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