Do not leave any fault accessible. In July 2021, Le Monde revealed that the phones of several French politicians had been infiltrated by the cyber spy software Pegasus. Among those affected were Emmanuel Macron, among others, which raised many questions about the security of his mobile phone and the data on it.

As Europe 1 explains, actions have followed the wave of electroshock since the army is now working on a new telephone which would replace Teorem, deployed for 10 years in the French administrations and which is considered “too complicated, not very ergonomic and not functional” by one of its users, quoted by the radio. Indeed, it is clamshell, non-touch, has no application, no contacts or directory, adds BFMTV.

This new phone, developed by the Directorate General of Armaments, will be “a slightly larger smartphone than those found in commerce”, according to information from Europe 1. “It will be able to secure conversations and the transmission of information relating to defense secrecy”, it is added.

Problem, this new phone will not be available immediately and, in the meantime, Emmanuel Macron continues to use the old one which is therefore not infallible. The counterintelligence services are therefore on the alert and remind the various members of the government of good practices. For sensitive information, it is important to favor the paper format and, if possible, to make face-to-face and face-to-face meetings for these exchanges.