Les petits mouchoirs, Les Infidèles, Rock’n Roll…Guillaume Canet’s career is impressive and filled with successful films. However, in his youth, it was not towards an acting career that the young boy was heading. Indeed, he was rather destined for an equestrian career, reports Gala. Guillaume Canet was raised by horse trainer parents who passed on this passion for this sport to him.

Unfortunately, at the age of 18, the young man had a fall which prevented him from continuing on this path and from carrying out his project. It was then that he took a completely different path, that of comedy.

Student at Cours Florent, he managed to make himself known relatively quickly in the world of cinema. Very quickly, he began to diversify and also started directing, alongside his acting profession.

In 2002, Guillaume Canet participated in the filming of the film Children’s Games in which he met an actress, Marion Cotillard. In this fiction, they embody a couple playing cat and mouse, looking for each other and finding themselves over the years around the game “cap or not cap”. At the end of the shooting where they deliver an incredible performance, the actors become good friends and, four years later, they formalize their relationship. In 2011, Marion Cotillard gave birth to their first child, Marcel. He will be followed a few years later, in 2017, by a little girl named Louise.

While for several months, rumors have been circulating around a supposed separation between Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard (rumors which have not been confirmed by the couple), the pretty brunette has made tender compliments on the father of her two children in the program 8:30 p.m. on Sunday by Laurent Delahousse, this January 29, 2023.

“He has this ability to get back on his feet, to reinvent something when at some point he’s not going to have the opportunity to do what he wanted to do,” she said in full promotion of her film Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire and to add: “He impressed me very, very much indeed on this huge film. And then, he always has, and that’s what defines his work, it’s the love of the human, the love of the characters, to bring the humanity out of every character in any genre (…) and he does it so brilliantly.”

During all these years together, the celebrity couple have walked the red carpet at social events and award shows. Discover in pictures their most beautiful appearances in our slideshow.