This is a heartbreaking account of online and real-life harassment from Lena Situations on Sunday, July 31, 2022. The 24-year-old is a widely followed influencer on YouTube and social media with nearly 4 million followers on Instagram. But, since she launched her vlog channel in 2013, she has come up against a massive smear campaign from some ill-intentioned Internet users. What push her to release this video entitled “the dogs bark, the caravan passes”.

“Before returning to YouTube and starting season six of the August vlogs, I needed and wanted to talk to you,” begins the young woman. A message appears on the screen, announcing that the video “deals with subjects such as depression, harassment and dark thoughts”. Lena Situations explains that the celebrity exposes her to a veritable flood of hateful comments, which overflows even sometimes in real life. She takes the example of a day when men stopped her all smiles in the street to take a selfie, before starting a movie and insulting her live. afraid that we will come and kill you in the street…”, she breathes.

“It took 100% of my energy as we went beyond the virtual world to go outside my mother’s house, to press the intercom to harass her again and again, to call her on the phone so many times, until when she [a] cut[ed] her line because it was too much”, regrets the influencer. Lena Situations even explains that people called her grandmother, living in Algeria, to insult her.

Léna Mahfouf, her real name, thought she was ready to take it all, because she knew “the rules of the game”. “When you do lifestyle videos, you’re going to be attacked for very personal things, because you’re showing very personal things,” she admits. However, this wave of hatred that has grown over the past year is affecting him deeply. The Youtuber ends her video with a clear message to all her haters: “I invite you all to go f… We’re going to have a great summer, it’s out of the question that it continues, it freaked me out. too broken.”