Wasps: the 8 places where these insects like to hide their nests in your home


Right up to your walls. Wasps and hornets are clever when it comes to hiding their nests and finding them can be tricky. This year, these dangerous insects were generally spared by a rather mild winter, reports France Info. That’s why they started to erect their nests here and there a little ahead of time.

It should not be thought that only houses are affected: wasps also roam the city and are also found in apartments. Indeed, the stories of the Dard des Villes company (referring to their activity and the Marvel superheroes) testify to this, which explain for France Bleu Alsace that some of their customers have sometimes found themselves face to face, on returning from work, with hundreds of wasps. The story, they say, is quite common: wasps settle in and remain hidden… Until they become visible. The intervention of a professional is then essential.

“The warning signs of a wasp’s nest in a partition are scratchings, which resemble those of a mouse, and yellow spots”, can we read in the columns of France Bleu. To avoid the proliferation of these dangerous pests, it is therefore necessary not to let the problem rot and above all not to go on vacation without treating the nest.

Wasps, explains the specialized Belgian site Wasp Extermination, are a particularly versatile animal, capable of setting up their nest in a wide variety of places. You can even find them underground!

In effect, wasps choose where to erect their new colony where they can find continuous water, flowers, warmth, protection from the elements and predators. They also watch for places rich in prey insects or wooden accessories and tools used to build their nest. Finally, sweet substances also attract them, in the second half of summer. Before that, it is the remains of meat that they track down. If all these factors are combined, the risk of seeing wasps settle is quite high.

It is then difficult to get rid of it. But a few tricks can help scare them away:

According to the Health Insurance website, there are preventive measures to avoid bites:

More information on the favorite hiding places of wasps in our slideshow, which you will find below.