Loving cats, controlling flatulence… 6 flirting tips from the past


The dredge does not date from our century, nor from the previous one, nor even from the one before. The art of seduction was born in time immemorial, so techniques and tricks have always existed. However, mores change with the times and gestures that were once considered normal are now totally out of place.

Men and women have always flirted, but the methods have evolved over time. In the past, this subject already inspired philosophers, writers and artists of all kinds, many of whom have written comments on the subject.

In addition to love and seduction, it was all the everyday subjects that inspired the authors of the past who distributed life advice on all subjects, as La Liste points out. Today, they all seem crazier to us than each other:

Discover now the best advice from the past to become a real pro in flirting.