Jos Verstappen warns Red Bull Racing that it is not yet decided where his son, Max, to get started, it will go on beyond 2020, there is, after all, his current contract with the Austrian F1 team.

While Max Verstappen would would like to have a world title to win you over with Red Bull, it is reasonable to assume that other places will look as if the Austrian does not have a car, be able to provide that and he can fight for the world title.

“The most important thing is that we need a car to get to that Max and you can fight for the world title,” said Jos Verstappen, as opposed to ‘At.’

“Next year we are already at the Red Bull, but for 2021 is still open. But it has nothing going for it at this time. We will focus on the 2020 targets and look after more.”

In the event that the Stumbling was planning on going to the Red Bull’s, Mercedes, or Ferrari, for the obvious purpose of the Dutch wonder-child. Father Jos has a very good relationship with Mercedes-Motorsportbaas Toto Wolff, and Max has to let you know that there is nothing wrong with having to be on the side of Charles Leclerc, to win the race.

“Charles and I would get along quite well and can be found on the same team,” said Max Verstappen.

“We both want to win, but we have a mutual respect for one another. I don’t deny that there are conflicts that could have been, but it wouldn’t be like Hamilton and Rosberg, at Mercedes-be.”

In the meantime, the two young fighting cocks, it will continue to fight on the court, just as they have done in their kartingtijd.

“We know the Leclerc is already a long time,” said Jos Verstappen. “Max has been around for a long time to him to use.”

“He’s very fast, and I think it’s great that we’ll soon be in a fight will be between Hamilton, Leclerc and Max. This is good for the sport.”

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