Patrick Dewaere: under what circumstances did he die?


On July 16, 1982, Patrick Dewaere tragically disappeared in his home located in Impasse du Moulin-Vert, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The 35-year-old comedian committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Following this tragedy, the intimate life of the artist was deciphered down to the smallest detail. We learned there in particular that his wife Elsa, had left her in order to settle with Coluche in Guadeloupe. Taken in by his ex-spouse Sotha, he learns that the latter is expecting a child. In the process, the artist would have told him of his desire to end his life. His ex-wife would have convinced him not to take action, he who is the father of two daughters named Angèle and Lola.

In an interview with Paris Match in 2010, his daughter Lola Dewaere had mentioned the tragic disappearance of her father. “Elsa told me that at that time she had gone to “drop out” in Guadeloupe at the invitation of Coluche. It was the first time that she had not accompanied my father on a shoot. After noon of his death, my father spoke to my mother on the phone and asked her to come back, but she refused because, she told me, she still felt too fragile”, she had.

Subsequently, the actor of Les Valseuses would have received a decisive call. “I believe that after their telephone conversation, my father received another phone call. Someone told him that Coluche and my mother were together. I don’t blame them: at the time, everyone had affairs with everyone, but during this period without drugs, I think my father experienced it as the ultimate betrayal, Coluche being his best friend .” An addiction to drugs that was not so present as reported by director Bertrand Blier. “Patrick and drugs were talked about a lot, but I don’t think he took a lot of them. He took everything, even heroin, but he was not a junkie, his drug addiction was a lot exaggerated”, he had declared, as AlloCiné relays.

The funeral of the actor took place on July 23, 1982 at the Saint-Pierre de Montrouge church in the presence of many personalities including Miou-Miou and Catherine Deneuve. The body of the actor is buried in the cemetery of Saint-Lambert-du-Lattay, in Maine-et-Loire.