Uber gives you are now also in Belgium fietspadwaarschuwingen


Uber is sending now, also in Brussels, fietspadalerts” drivers and passengers will be able to warn of any dangerous conditions in and out. That makes every app on Monday announced on the occasion of the European Mobility Week.

The so-called “Bike lane and alerts the Uber way to make use of the publicly-available map data. If a passenger is to be picked up or dropped off in the buut on a cycle track or lane along a bike trail or on a road where cyclists and motorists to share the road, remember a mention of him or her, and you, the driver, remember to look out for cyclists when opening a car door. Before I rolled the Uber feature is already in the United States of america, Canada, australia, the United Kingdom, France, germany, and the Netherlands.

It’s going to be an addition to “an ever-expanding array of safety features,” says the company. Thus, it launched Uber for this summer, “Check your ride”, with which passengers are able to check whether or not they are in the right vehicle of the steps. In addition, there are more functions, in order to, for example, information to share with your friends, family members, and the contact between the driver and the passengers to the indian and carried in the taxi-the app is also a panic button in it.

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