The month of May 2023 experienced more than unstable weather on the French continent. Between strong heat, rainy periods, storms… France has seen all the colors last month. But what about the month of June? Here’s what to expect for the next few weeks.

During the first week of June, temperatures above normal for the season will be known on French territory, and “the high pressure will still protect the northern and northwestern part of the country for a good part of the week with generous sunshine. The northeast wind will remain in the region near the Channel with a cool feeling, while it will be hot over the rest of the northern half”, according to La Chaîne Météo. Some thunderstorms will still occur. hear at the end of the day in some French regions, but will remain only occasionally.

As for the second week of June, France will see the instability of its weather return with more frequent thunderstorms, longer showers, and temperatures will drop, but will still not go up. low of the seasonal averages.”It is from the southwest to the northeast that the risk of thunderstorms could be the most marked, but thunderstorms could also occur locally in the northwest, and as far as the rear -Mediterranean country”, according to La Chaîne Météo.

The second half of June will herald the return of more pleasant weather in France. The weather in France should indeed stabilize for the most part. Most of the French departments will experience the same weather pattern: mornings under beautiful clearings, then a sun which withdraws to give way to a few clouds and stormy showers for the afternoons. “These brief stormy showers will not call into question the overall summer weather conditions. The southwestern regions should be the most exposed to the risk of thunderstorms”, specifies La Chaîne Météo.

It is a warm temperature that is expected at the end of June. Indeed, with temperatures well above normal for the season, the month of June will end in very hot weather. However, as La Chaîne Météo reports, this heat is: “a heavy heat which could turn into a storm in quite a few regions. A south-west / north-east axis could be particularly affected”. A week that promises to be hot and stormy. However, we will have to wait a few more days for more details on these predictions.