Moving Lionel Messi to the united states? The new club of David Beckham, talks to his father about the transfer


the Moves on Both Sides have to live in the Us? According to the British press, it would be none other than David Beckham, the Former for his newly formed club, the Inter of Miami want to be able to. The rumours of a transfer to Barcelona were given a boost after Barcelona’s president, Josep Bartomeu, last week admitted that his all-star due to a clause in his contract in 2020, though the club may be changing.

The 32-year-old Messi has a contract until the summer of 2021, but it may be next summer, so the press conference is the way and if he wants to be. Not an abnormal situation, according to Bartomeu, as Iniesta, Xavi, and alexis sanchez had a similar clause in their contract of employment. The president is convinced he can reach even up to 2022, in Catalonia, it can be, but in his words, as a matter of course, a whole rumor mill going.

According to The Sun, could, among other things, David Beckham at the club’s ace. The English poet and clergyman, in the United States of america is a new club at -Inter-Miami – and it might even be that all of an agent to London to have sent to do the father stopped in his tracks to talk about. In the American league to start in march, and, therefore, even in a structure in which Sides have “shared” is, it would be a situation in which Beckham, only too well, has he ever played a part of the season, with AC Milan and the rest of LA Galaxy.

now that we have the Right?

you can get Very realistic sounding, but in the meantime, the 44-year-old David Beckham is, in any case, however, is also looking for artists for his new team. Inter Miami, was making his debut in march 2020 with the Major League soccer (MLS), and a few of the big names use it. So could Beckham, also keep an eye on Cristiano Ronaldo. The list of players on the site, the club looks at this point in time, less than convincing, with the Christian Makoun, Julián Carranza and Matías Pellegrini.