Culture stream the Zurich dancer Lou Spichtig – now in the cultural stream ballet dancer Lou Spichtig of everyday life told from your Corona in Australia and has compiled for our culture, stream a piece.Aleksandra Hiltmann1 Kommentar1Lou Spichtig in the cultural stream, from Brisbane, Australia.

With your body, you could Express things you cannot to put into words, says Lou Spichtig (22) in Interviews. Since she is three and a half years old, she danced the ballet. Ever since she can remember, she wants to be a dancer. She completed her training at the dance Academy in Zurich.

To your Repertoire, classical as well as modern pieces. At the age of 9 years she took part in competitions. In 2015, she won the Prix de Lausanne, the audience prize and the prize for the best Swiss dancer. Today, Lou lives Spichtig in Brisbane, Australia and is a Company Artist in the “Queensland Ballet”. There you zertanze, as you said in “Raum und Wohnen” once, sometimes more than 10 Pairs of shoes per month – in Zurich, it had been only a Few per week.

And now, in Lockdown?

“We are training well at home,” writes Lou Spichtig by E-Mail, not for big performances, but for a short choreographies, the movies, the dancers home, and then for your audience online.

Every Morning is Mandatory for early fitness and strength training, Pilates or Yoga, then ballet training. The ballet master, the company Exercises via a video platform. The dancers train live via Zoom App. Even with live piano accompaniment. However, the limited space and the unsprung wooden floor would make it difficult to workout at home, so Spichtig.

What is nevertheless possible, in quarantine, tells Lou Spichtig with you today in the cultural stream. A Lot Of Fun!

Lou spichtig photo: Jovian LimDer culture stream

The Corona-crisis hits artists particularly hard. Her performances were deleted prior to the introduction of Social Distancing measures. And the announced easing of the Lockdown you will be the last to know when certain events are on months is not feasible.

Some stream their art, therefore, from home. We want to support and show performances by musicians, comedians, Slam-poets, and authors. Times live, sometimes recorded – according to the Motto: May the audience not the artist, the artist goes to the audience.

We and the artists we are of course aware that such recordings are anything other than professionally. But in a crisis, where even Queens and presidents, Webvideo occur in appearance, has the Corona-Aesthetics quite a certain appeal. We hope you enjoy the performances like that!

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