Televisiekok Jeroen Meus has to do with love rondgestrooid on Twitter. As a young woman, after all, a call is made, in the hope that the well-known Flemish person to be able to tie her cousin up. The five-year-old child is, after all, been a while in the hospital, and would love to have something from Jeroen Meus to hear it.
Jeroen Meus has a lot of fans amongst the young and old alike. Photo: George Herregods

It was a good idea to take a sick five-year-old boy in a better mood. “My little cousin of five years old is a big fan of Jeroen Meus. It’s been a while in the hospital, and look out for the program,” said Hanne Mareels from Roeselare to it on Twitter. Soon, the post has more than a hundred times to be shared.

She dared hardly hope for is that the well-known tv chef, the period of time for him to make, and asked only to get a little something. In the first instance, sounded the call: “My goal is to get them to tweet at him to make sure that I will be able to live up to that, he made a movie for my little friend.”

But the television cook, was the one who nice gesture, turned into a beautiful act. “Of course!” he responded in one day’s time. “It will get better soon. I just want it to you came for a visit. We will take care of it.”

now, To the great joy of all the people who have duimden to the boy and helped to get the message to the cook to make. Also, Hanne Mareels responded to all: “Thanks a lot, Jeroen Meus, you’re a very hard-thank you!” When Jeroen Meus replied to, with the content of his gesture: “as With a lot of love for each other!”

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