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Your story is incredible. Nineteen years after leaving his job as an executive in banking, Maurizio Sarri (Naples, 1960), wins for the first time, the 61-year-old, his first “scudetto” , in the first season as coach of Juventus. His back has a long track record in lower categories, kicking as a player and coach fields of earth. That’s why, see you today at the summit of Italian football, cause astonishment and admiration. Sarri was a modest player: defense-left side in the second category.

Her career was at the bank Monte Pasqui di Siena, where he worked for 18 years with positions of responsibility. The bank invested in him by sending them to England, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, but he never abandoned the passion for football. “I was in charge of the transactions between large banking institutions to Monte Paschi. Then I chose to be a coach, a job that do it for free. I’ve worked hard and I have not come here by chance. There are still those who call me the exempleado. As if it were a fault to have done anything other than football,” said Sarri analyzing with pride in their past.

Before the suit, now tracksuit

His fellow banking remember him as a companion with a strong character and very meticulous, virtues that have served him especially as a coach. Remember him also as a directors who liked to dress with a certain elegance . For this reason, used to always carry a jacket and tie as banking, it is surprising to see him today on the bench with tracksuit bottoms and aspect seemingly careless, with his eternal cigarette butt of a heavy smoker. Perhaps because has transformed the tracksuit as a symbol of freedom : “I’m a trainer, not a model”, has come to say.

he Began training at the age of 21, almost natural vocation, in the regional divisions of tuscany. In the year 2000, it had to adopt a decision in some way painful: to leave the bank to devote himself only to a dream, the football. The have been banking marked his work: “ The experience in the bank is an added value : I learned the value of organization and the ability to take decisions,” says Sarri.

His work from the bench was characterized always by the hard work and obsession for the details. This led him to specialise in schemes of plays to stopped ball. There that a journalist had given him the nickname with which is known: “Mister 33”, by the number of schemes usually tested with great attention to detail . The journalist acknowledged that there were not so many schemes, but that round number, 33, reflected very well what would end up becoming one of the most characteristic points of the so-called “sarrismo”: constancy and meticulousness. After good results in six regional teams, came the break in the year 2000 by Sansovino, in the province of Arezzo, with whom he achieved two promotions, to place it in the serie C2 in three seasons, earning the Italy Cup series D. After these good results, in 2003 he jumped into the Sangiovannese, also in the region of Tuscany, where she found Francesco Baiano, a former player of Foggia, which was coached by Czech Zdenek Zeman, beginning to speak wonders of Sarri: “It is one of the best coaches I’ve had.”

Lines and high pressure

Transcended as well its fame: At the national level began to get to know the story of a coach a maniac in the details, that he had done to earn half-a-dozen promotions in regional teams, combining his job of moving millions of euros in the bank while evening training and studied their schemes with modest players.

he Began another stage in 2005, which led him to train to Pescara, Arezzo, Avellino, Verona, Perugia, Grosseto, Alessandria, Sorrento and Empoli, where in 2014 he won promotion to serie a, with a very young team, having made a expenditure of 600,000 euros in signings . In Empoli clapping her football made of lines and high pressure stifling. Sarri says that bases its success on three skills: “Personality. Easy to talk to. And knowledge, which makes the first two are credible. In addition, study thirteen hours a day.” And apart from die-hard smoker, is also an inveterate reader. “When I go through the libraries, I love to smell the paper of the books. I can not love the music, but would not be without books.”

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