as of The end of woonbonus would be that the house prices in Flanders, in two years, with a 10 per cent drop. That says to me the Job as Being a researcher at the catholic university of Leuven, belgium. As our budget decreases, so will the prices go down, it could be a theory. Meanwhile, bowing to the Flemish government at its first council of ministers, regarding the abolition of it.

as to The operation of the new Flemish government, which is the most of a commotion, the elimination of the woonbonus. The system has existed in Flanders for many years and gave it to people who are buying a property, have a strong financial push in the right direction. For couples, the benefit to 37.000 euros for the entire term of the loan.

3.000 €

as of 1 January of the woonbonus finally done it. In return for the registration fee – you need to go, at the moment of the purchase, you can pay 7-to-6 percent of the charge. For a property of up to 300,000 euro, 3,000 euro and less. This benefit is compensated, so long as the removal of the woonbonus.

However, according to the government, it’s just that woonbonus, which has led to houses that are more expensive were made. And that seems to be a researcher, Sven Damen (KU Leuven) in belgium will now also have to confirm that. “On the basis of a scientific model, we expect that the average price of a home in Flanders in the medium-term 9 to 13 percent, would be lower due to the elimination,” he said.

Being written in 2014 to take part in a study that demonstrates the evolution of housing prices is fully determined by the sum of the potential buyers will be able to take a loan. In other words, the larger the spending budget, and so the higher the house prices. The woonbonus, a lower interest rate or a higher income to make it all three to to to lend, and that is pushing the house prices up in the sky. However, when there is no woonbonus’s more, if the budget of the households, and bags and so also the prices.

a Two-year wait.

But on the 2nd of January, not a very big mark-downs in the immokantoor. “The decline will occur in the medium-term will arise. On average, it takes two years for the expected price increases or decreases, also the actual awards show,” says Damen.

if those predictions will come true, remains to be seen. In 2015, the woonbonus is already being reformed and, when it was thought that up to 8 percent, would be cut. However, since the interest rate was still considerably declined, buyers were able to do more to spend so they fall in is given.

the Ham and are looking for a solution:

At the first real council of ministers, bowing to the Flemish government on the issue. “We have an objective study that will provide us with returns,” said Ham at the start of the council of ministers. “Now, we need to make sure that everything is in order can be used, for those who still want to buy a house. Today We clarify.”
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