Climate, immigration, budget … The subjects that await Emmanuel Macron at the start of the school year


End clap for the executive holidays. Back from Fort Brégançon, Emmanuel Macron is preparing for a most impetuous return, forced to deal with large-scale subjects in the first weeks, namely the energy transition, immigration or even the budget.

The government will have to put away its luggage no later than this Wednesday, August 22, 2022 for a resumption of the Council of Ministers, after holidays punctuated by the unprecedented fires in Gironde and the deadly storms that have occurred in Corsica.

The entourage of the President of the Republic, quoted by BFMTV, indicates the watchword of this return to school: energy sobriety. “The red thread of the start of the school year will be general mobilization”, confides a close friend of Emmanuel Macron.

Weakened by the loss of its majority following the legislative elections last June, the presidential party has to deal with the opposition on matters of contention, such as the budget. On the subject, the executive would not rule out having recourse to article 49.3 of the Constitution, as evidenced by the continuous information channel.

“From the moment we guess that the Nupes (at least) are going to make thousands of amendments, it is hard to see how we could do otherwise…”, said a deputy from the presidential camp. The latter remains confident, however, the entourage of the Head of State indicating that the return to school is approached with serenity.

Among the hot topics of this new school year, the energy transition, a subject on which Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is eagerly awaited…

At the end of August, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will give a speech on energy sobriety and transition at the Medef summer school. Emmanuel Macron, in this sense, asked him to give him “an ecological planning agenda broken down by month and year”.

According to BFMTV, the President of the Republic must also launch the National Council for Refoundation (CNR), responsible for the themes of school, health and public services.

Finally, the subject of immigration must also be examined…

Initiated by deputy Sacha Houlié (Renaissance), the debate on the right to vote for foreigners is “not a priority” for the president, according to a close friend of the Elysee Palace quoted by the Huffington Post. The immigration bill, postponed until December, will have to be preceded by a major debate in both chambers. This is also one of the major topics of the political return.