Ophélie Meunier is no longer a heart to take. Since 2016, the host of M6 has shared her life with Mathieu Vergne, former director of flow programs at TF1, now officiating as a producer for the company DMLSTV. The two lovebirds passed the ring on February 14, 2018 at the town hall of the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The following year, the young woman gave birth to their first child, a boy named Joseph.

Usually very discreet about her private life, Ophélie Meunier returned to the columns of Paris Match on her love life. “After the blessing that was our marriage, I have the feeling that we form a real home. I am so proud to be able to say ‘my husband’ or to be called Mrs. Meunier-Vergne, had confided the presenter of Forbidden Zone. I may be very balanced and happy, sometimes a cumulus cloud comes to hide the sun from me. I call Mathieu, we talk, and I’m better. I need him to take care of me, as I can do him, “she confided to our colleagues in 2019.

The former Daily columnist, who became the mother of a little Valentine in 2021, took the opportunity to make a declaration of love to her husband. “My gauge is the incredible depth of my commitment, of my feelings towards him. He is half of me as I am half of him. Our similarities, as numerous as our differences, merge to fuel our relationship, and I will make sure to preserve that until the end”. But, not everything was rosy in the life of the TV host.

On January 23, 2022, M6 broadcast the report in Forbidden Zone titled “Faced with the danger of radical Islam” on M6. A program carried by the journalist Ophélie Meunier who made a lot of noise since the young woman was the victim of death threats before being placed under police protection, after the broadcast of the program.

In an interview with our colleagues from ELLE, Ophélie Meunier mentioned this case for the first time. “I am convinced that I have done my job. I never said to myself: I messed up. What happened is proof that journalism touches on sensitive subjects and that we need to explore them more than ever. In addition, I was touched by the support I received, publicly or in private”, she declared and to continue: “Learning to digest the violence of insults and threats… I was accompanied, surrounded, protected, which made me “helped get through this period as well as possible. Today, I’m fine, I have no after-effects from all that. We communicated a lot with my family, my parents, my brothers and sisters… Honestly, no one wants to go through this and I don’t wish it on anyone, but there is much more serious matter.”

This case being far behind her, Ophélie Meunier was able to count on the support of those close to her. After a new successful season on the M6 ​​group, the host of Zone Interdite and on the radio in Le Journal Inattendu de RTL took a vacation break with her family. This Thursday, July 20, the mother of the family unveiled a publication consisting of several photos, displaying her dream body in a magnificent yellow swimsuit from the Sorbet Island brand. An ultra canon and refreshing look that has won over its thousands of subscribers on Instagram. Focus in our slideshow below.