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Enrique Ponce, El Fandi, Miguel Angel Perera, Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez, Roman and Lea Vicens is the six ambassadors of the new international platform for TauroTen , “where you will learn about the world of the bull as you will never have counted.” So just announce it on social networks, in a project that, according to has been able to know ABC, is captained by Marco Rocha and Hugo Costa.

it Will be under the formula inside, a model very fashionable in the platforms, as seen in the cases of Michael Jordan, Sergio Ramos, Alejandro Sanz or of the Formula-1.

The subscriber will have a time of content unedited per week (ten minutes for each matador), a total of four per month on the facet of everyday ambassadors. In addition, according to the acceptance, does not rule out opening new scenarios.