Host Guy Lux, known for presenting the Songs Awards and creating the game show Intervilles, has known many women throughout his life. On December 5, 1942, he married a certain Paulette Lisle with whom he had two children: Michel and Christiane. The host also dated other women during his marriage. He notably had a son named Pierre with the radio host Vonny. A birth that he only recognized after the death of his wife in 1995.

Guy Lux also had a hidden affair with actress Muriel Montossey in the 1990s. The couple even gave birth to a daughter named Laura-Charlotte. Unfortunately, she died suddenly at the age of 16 months. A drama which the actress will find difficult to overcome. While performing her play, she found her daughter dead on her way home. “At that time, we were told to put babies to sleep on their stomachs. The last memory I have of her is her cold cheek. And I can’t get rid of it,” had- she entrusted to Ici Paris. A test also for his companion who was still married to his wife Paulette Lisle. “It was terrible for him too,” she said. Guy Lux’s wife also learned the news from the newspapers. “She had to know it, especially after Télé 7 Jours published the death certificate… with a photo of Guy below!”.

After the death of their child, Muriel Montossey had “become almost mad”. “I wanted a child at all costs. I went to all the churches to find an abandoned baby! Even the trash cans! I applied for adoption. Denied, of course. I wanted to erase the irreparable. And finally, c He’s a long-time friend who’s ‘devoted’ himself. So that I don’t go completely crazy, he agreed to have a child with me”. And that’s how the actress gave birth to a boy named Marc-Antoine in 1995.

For Guy Lux, the death of his daughter is not the first tragedy that has happened to him. Indeed, in 1964 he had to face the tragic disappearance of his first daughter.

Host Guy Lux had two children with his wife Paulette Lisle: Michel, born in 1943 and Christiane, born in 1942. The latter lost her life following a tragic automobile accident in 1964 when she was not only 22 years old. “He took on gray hair overnight,” reported actress Sophie Darel, with whom he presented several shows.

Following the death of his daughter, Guy Lux decides to file a complaint against the Saint-Jean-de-Luz clinic where Christiane had been taken after her accident. “I cannot say that Christiane could have been saved, but it is unthinkable that she remained for nearly three hours without the slightest intervention being attempted. At 22, the organization has sometimes unsuspected resources. There was perhaps a one in a thousand chance of saving her, I will never be able to forget that she was not tempted,” he confided at the time in L’Écho republicain de la Beauce et du Perche.

The 22-year-old leaves behind a son named Jean-Christophe. It was his grandfather Guy Lux who took him under his wing. Jean-Christophe subsequently had a relationship with Ariane Séguillon. The couple gave birth to Dorian Landuique, known to belong to the duo Ofenbach. “So yes Dorian Lauduique is Guy Lux’s great-grandson, so we talk about it more,” the Tomorrow Belongs to Us actress captioned a photo posted on Instagram.


During the 1970s, Guy Lux presented many programs alongside his sidekick Sophie Darel, forming a duo very popular with French viewers. A collaboration that has not been easy as she explained in the show Duos Mythiques de la TV on France 3.

“He was very anxious, and so he was angry about it (…) When we were working with him, and all of a sudden he threw a blow dryer, because he had serious hair problems, at the head of an assistant, it didn’t make for a good atmosphere on the show, but we knew it wouldn’t last long”, she said and added: “It’s sure it’s hard to work with someone like Guy, but I really had affection for him, I loved him enormously, I had a lot of admiration for everything that made”.