The British airline of British Airways has warned that they will be on the 27th of september, all of its flights will be forced to cancel due to a strike by pilots. She still hopes that the trade unions, the strike was cancelled and the negotiation of a social resume, but it wants to offer its customers already know about it, what it sounds like.

“To give our customers as much as possible, sell them, and we will get in contact currently to everyone who have been affected by the strike, in order to give them a refund, rebooking, or any other destination, or to help them by referring them to other airlines,” says BA. The company regrets the fact that the “thousands of trips in compromise”.

the trade Union, Balpa pointed out on Thursday that BA are starting flights from the 27th of september, to cancel, to its clients, no indemnity will be paid to the need to pay for it. That is, in fact, solely in the case of the customer, within fourteen days of being notified of a cancelled flight.

The pilot put the work down on the 9th and 10th of september. The company is canceled when a total of 1,600 sorties, which has 200,000 passengers affected. The twelve is a daily BA flight (or six going and six returning), between London and Brussels Airport have been cancelled. In a day of strikes cost BA 40 million pounds (45 million euros).

The pilots are demanding a wage increase and a new agreement on profit-sharing and the payment in shares. British Airways, which is part of the publicly-listed airline group IAG, says it is the pilots with a “fair” wage increase to be provided.
More about the Brussels Airport, KLM was forced to lay off one of its daily flights to and from Brussels, and Amsterdam (in Dutch: “Passengers will be able to Thalys, take the” Brussels Airport breaks the daily record: 98.076 the passengers on the floor of the British Airways “for a couple of days affected by the strike,” budget airline Wizz Air will arrive next summer at the Brussels Airport