Investigations against Russians: the dark side of The biathlon


    the images, the desires of each world Cup-the-spot eagerly. The Tyrolean mountains are deeply covered with snow, the trees wear a thick winter dress, and the sun is shining from a blue sky. What is felting for the fantastic pictures from the Biathlon world Cup in high. Priceless Advertising. But the glistening white post cards-deceptive Idyll. Even before the first Competition shot has fallen, the dark side of the popular winter sports emerged. On Wednesday night the Austrian police of the Russian Biathlon has visited the team in their headquarters a visit. No RAID, no search, no interviews, but an important technicality. The police has set up ten Russian members of the team in writing, that in Austria against pre-trial run.

    Claus Dieterle

    sports editor.

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    In the diction of the Austrian authority that sounds like this: “It can be confirmed that in the case of the Central public prosecutors office for prosecution of economic crime and corruption (WKStA) met in Austria a preliminary investigation against five managers of the Russian Biathlon team is led because of the use of prohibited substances or methods for the purpose of doping, and five athletes on this team because of serious fraud in connection with Doping. The time-space relates to the Biathlon world championship 2017 in Hochfilzen.“ And the International Biathlon Union (IBU) is obtained more from the past, this time from the younger and not of the events in and around Sochi 2014.

    the name is not called the authority, but the state-run Russian news Agency Tass took over. On your list the names of five biathletes Anton Schipulin, Alexander Loginov, Evgeny Garanitschew, Alexei Volkov, as well as Irina found Starych. The only woman among the accused, by the way started on Thursday in the Sprint and was without a shooting error Ninth. However, as Mr Loginov – a Doping past: Both of them were locked until the end of 2016 due to Epo abuse. Both were to have served Doping penalties at the world Cup in February 2017 in Hochfilzen again at the Start. What had triggered in the event Loginov great displeasure at the competition.

    Schipulin rejects allegations

    Now, the Russian Superstar Schipulin is in the centre of the investigation. But while others go to the diving station, selects Schipulin the Offensive and fight back. The season-Olympic champion of Sochi 2014, the prepared currently in Obertilliach/Osttirol on his Season started, he wrote early Thursday morning – via Instagram. “I have the Anti-Doping rules can never hurt. I have always completed, in good conscience, all the Doping Tests. I can’t explain this operation.“ The 31-year-old Russian had won the 2017 world Cup in Hochfilzen with the relay Gold. He was upset, “extremely, that this witch hunt goes on, my confidence as a clean athlete, not only in the fight against Doping, but in our sports, a total of undermines,” wrote Schipulin, and to which no specific Doping allegations known. However, the International Olympic Committee had him admitted to the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang.

    And as the Russians do now with the new development? Coach Anatoli Kowanzew demonstrated at the shooting range, Serenity, as he showed Garanitschew the panel with its hit. However, the apparent trough. Requests, he met quite irritated. “What do you want?” And no, he says the television is in English, ,,there is no comment, yet.“

    Ricco Groß, since the spring head coach in the service of the Austrians, standing almost directly next to his Russian colleagues and predecessors. In the term of office of Major as head coach of the Russian men, the charges against four of the five biathletes. Also the choice of Ruhpoldinger is allowed. “First wait and see.” And with him, the police had not been Yes. Erik Lesser, a member of the IBU athletes ‘ Commission, has learned of the new development on the way to Training. He, too, is cautious: “Currently, there are no positive Doping samples. We just have to wait and see what the Austrian police find out.“ That since the world Cup in 2017, now 22 months into the country are gone, the 30-year-old Thuringian although sub-optimal, but also to keep in mind: “No one wants a quick shot. The matter is highly complex, because you have to collect all the arguments before making a decision. For the spectators, it is difficult, we athletes also want to clarity. But it is better, the rather quiet manner and to analyze, clean.“ Of course, he knows that he must compete against athletes who are under observation and are successful. Loginov, for example, was in Pokljuka twice on the podium. “A little bit of suspicion is already on it,” says Lesser. His recipe: “Easy to hide. Something else you may not deal.“