Monica Bellucci: what does the 58-year-old actress look like today?


At 58, the actress Monica Bellucci is still one of the Italian icons with crazy charm. Unlike some celebrities, the ex-girlfriend of Vincent Cassel is not afraid of the passage of time, as she had declared in the columns of the Sunday Times in December 201.

“There are a multitude of stages in a life”, she had explained to our English colleagues and added: “When you are young, you have what they call, in France, the beauty of the devil. It’s a natural thing, it’s the beauty of youth, the beauty of a biological moment in life. And life goes on. The physical, it gets old and we have to deal with it. There is nothing that we can do”.

Monica Bellucci, who is very discreet about her intimate life, however, pays attention to her line. “I go on a little diet when I have to work, but I’m not obsessed. I’ve always been a plump woman, never really skinny, that’s my nature, and I want to age peacefully (…) Besides, we’re lucky because if we get old, it means we’ve had a long life. While the body bends, the soul grows.”

On September 7, 2022, the star again caused a stir on the red carpet. On the occasion of the Venice Film Festival, she appeared more resplendent than ever. Planet invites you to discover what the 58-year-old actress looks like today.