Summer vacation is fast approaching. If the departure is generally a source of impatience and excitement, it also generates fear and anxiety. Indeed, when we prepare the suitcases or when we load the car, we are often afraid of forgetting a paper or important things.

But the other demon of going on vacation is well known and worries all motorists, it is traffic jams. Every summer, they appear almost every Friday, Saturday or Sunday and even sometimes during the week, whether in the direction of departures or arrivals.

But what actually creates these phenomena? In reality, the causes of a blockage can be multiple. It can be a road accident, an object on the road, a too tight turn but also the behavior of motorists.

Indeed, a nervous driver who has dangerous driving can cause the cars behind him to slow down. Except that when the traffic is heavy, it can quickly create a major traffic jam.

Similarly, to avoid causing a traffic jam, it is best not to change lanes too frequently or when unnecessary. Indeed, by changing lanes, a vehicle causes a significant slowdown because it will push the car behind to brake. However, as The Conversation explains, if a driver reduces his speed by 10%, a butterfly effect will cause all the cars behind to slow down. So the tenth vehicle could reduce its speed by 20%. However, in summer, traffic is particularly heavy and if this effect lasts for kilometers, at the end of the chain, major traffic jams may appear.

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