The state capital of Wiesbaden has, as the first Hessian municipality of a weapons prohibition zone. It expects a less severe crime in the downtown and an increase in feeling of Safety of citizens. In the prohibition zone, the Carrying of weapons and weapon-like, dangerous objects, is threatened in the time from 21 to 5 a.m. as an administrative offence with fines of up to 5000 Euro. Including knives of any kind, hammers, sticks, Axes, brass knuckles, and anything else that can be used as a striking or throwing weapon. Such items are discovered during the inspections, they will be confiscated and a fine imposed.

Oliver Bock

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis and Wiesbaden.

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The weapons prohibition zone Together safe Wiesbaden, Germany, is a Central Element of the package “” to which the city and the police in the spring had agreed. The police had supported a no-go area because of a widespread “anti-culture of knife carrying”. According to the police, it is there in Wiesbaden, a “spiral of rearmament”, in the notes to the doubling of the number of shares issued number of “Small Weapons” within a period of four years. The police want to meet with the zone in conjunction with an elevated control pressure.

the consent of Hesse’s interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU). He approves of the Wiesbaden decision a “signal effect for Hesse and Germany”. In its view, should find the establishment of a weapons prohibition zones quickly imitated by others in the country. “I am convinced that we should be concerned with the prohibition of weapons in certain public places in the state of Hesse for more security in public space.” Weapons prohibition zones to be a useful Instrument in the Toolbox of the regulatory and safety authorities. Is necessary, the control pressure by a strong presence of regulatory authorities together with the national police.

According to the Beuth Hesse wants to achieve, moreover, that nationwide there is a General weapons ban in and around kindergartens, schools, railway stations and certain public facilities shall be adopted. For this purpose, however, the government must change the weapons law. According to the Ministry of the interior crime statistics shows in recent years, a significant increase in personal – injury and homicide offences in which knives were in the game. 2013 865 of such cases were registered, it was 2015 already more than 1000, and 2017, a total of 1194, in which a thrusting weapon was unsheathed.