Only a few start-UPS: it Was already the Fintech Boom?


    with the Fintech Boom Was it? In Germany, only six new Start-up founded in the first half of 2018-ups, with the aim of technical innovations on the financial industry. Throughout the past year, there were still 22 start-UPS. Since some Start-ups also had to swipe again your sails, has grown the total number of Fintechs in Germany in the current year by only 2 to 303 of the companies.

    Tim Kanning

    editor in the economy.

    F. A. Z.

    The consulting firm EY is one for your study “Germany Fintech Landscape”, has been submitted to the F. A. z exclusive. EY Partner Christopher Schmitz speaks of a “growing up” in the industry: “the high number of start-UPS in the past years, companies now focus on the further development of their business models, and internationalization.”

    pressure were given you from two sides, says Schmitz: from the domestic market of traditional financial institutions have long awaited, but meanwhile, increasingly self on new technologies. Foreign competitors in addition to the German market, due to the sheer size and economic power of attractive. About a third of the Fintechs have to EY-estimate will have already taken the step to go abroad. At the same time, 84 Fintechs abroad in Germany, be active. To expand “the interest of German Fintechs across the border, has definitely increased,” says Partner Jan-Erik Behrens.