Inflation at 10% in December: which products are likely to be the most impacted?


The purchasing power crisis has certainly not said its last word. Because inflation is far from having taken a vacation this summer.

While it climbed to 6.1% in July 2022, it will reach, according to a recent NielsenIQ report, almost 7% (6.6%) on supermarket shelves in August. It must be said that food, after energy, is one of the sectors hardest hit by the geopolitical and environmental crisis that has been impacting the world economy for several months now.

Results ; prices are soaring, worryingly, and without wanting to stop.

The report of the reference institute on supermarkets also notes that for the past year, the price of first-price products in our supermarkets has seen their prices increase by 3 points more than branded products. “This is notably due to the fact that the production and agricultural raw material costs, which have been strongly inflationary since mid-2021, represent a larger share of their price compared to the national brand, where marketing expenses are greater”, explains the Parisian.

Above all, NielsenIQ advances black forecasts for the end of the year. “A prospect of inflation at 10% by the end of 2022 is confirmed,” explains the report.

With shelves displaying increasingly fabulous prices, the household budget is therefore not ready to regain a semblance of balance. Some everyday products have already exceeded 10% for a year. By Christmas, they could thus experience inflation going well beyond 25%… weighing down, even more, the household food bill.

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