A newcomer who could well shake up the world of mass distribution. With his Toujust brand, Fabrice Gerber does not lack ambition since with this supermarket he intends to offer “quality products, made in France, as much as possible. And above all, we want to be 5 to 10% cheaper than the supermarkets at the bottom of your house”, he explains to us.

“We are not just a profit center. On the one hand, we cannot want to be the new brand that listens and is fair in relation to the expectations of consumers and the French, and on the other hand only thinks ‘to our wallet. We’re not like that,’ he continues.

In this idea, in addition to supermarkets, the brand also wishes to develop several services for its customers. While several are only at the idea or project stage for the moment, one of them is very concrete. Indeed, in the premises of Toujust, consumers will be able to find a post office, a measure that was particularly close to the heart of the founder of the company.

Among the future customers, there are “people who have difficulty getting around”, he says, especially the elderly. “When we close their post office to them, we destabilize these poor people. It was also a commitment for me, I want to be close to my customers and for that, I have to listen to their needs.”

“In the past, about fifteen years ago, I had set up a collection of elderly people with mini-buses twice a week so that they could do their shopping, and this for free”, relates the contractor. “It was a hit at the time, […] it is indeed a service that I could put back in place,” he continues.

In Toujust supermarkets, consumers will be able to find a restaurant area, as well as a bakery area. But the brand is thinking of going even further. “We would like to put bread distributors outside. But that’s a project that we will have to think about in the future.”

Finally, a vehicle rental service could be set up, even if the former boss of a Leclerc store is aware that “many competitors are already doing it”.