Money: these 8 tips that the rich keep to themselves


Does money bring happiness ? Huge question. Still, it allows at least to pay the bills, eat enough and sleep under a roof. But in a world where everything can be bought, it would seem that the rich generally have fewer problems than the poor.

So what is being rich, exactly?

The definition varies according to the scale used.

If we talk about the top 10% of the highest monthly incomes, in France, we are “rich” from 3500 euros monthly.

But for others, the real “wealth” lies with the top 1%. In this case, you have to earn around 9000 euros monthly, according to INSEE data.

Finally, some prefer to gauge wealth by wealth rather than salary.

Thus, according to 2018 figures from INSEE, 10% of the wealthiest households in France have a net wealth of more than 549,600 euros. But fortune would be considered “comfortable” beyond a million.

Between relative wealth and financial excess, there is also a certain step. The wealthiest, also called UHNWI for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, have assets exceeding 10 million euros. And some greatly exceed this figure. Multi-millionaires, billionaires… In 2022, here is the vertiginous fortune of the richest men on the planet:

Figures that make you dizzy… or that make you want to? If you, in turn, want to make the millions dance in the bank, discover in our slideshow the 8 tips that the ultra-rich prefer to keep to themselves in order to grow their fortune…