On the occasion of the annual ranking of the favorite brands of the French, the banks were highlighted. Although some view them with suspicion, banks weigh heavily in the daily lives of the French. They are present in wealth management and provide personalized advice according to the situation of each client. In addition to their physical branches, they are always accessible thanks to their applications present on smartphones. The ranking was established following an online survey conducted by Opinion Way last February, covering more than 1,300 brands. More than 4,900 people aged 18 and over responded to this survey.

Respondents responded by indicating the brands they preferred based on their logo and the image they had of the brand. To answer, it was necessary to choose among four choices: I like / I do not like / neither one nor the other / I do not know. Finally, the second question concerned the image that the brand conveyed. The responses were seven in number and ranged from useful brand to innovative to quality.

You can see a subclass there. The banks do not arrive on the podium, but this year, they managed to stand out. Each of them gained several points compared to the previous year. Here is the ranking of the favorite banks of the French: