the Baby via an emergency c-section in the world is to be brought in, are more likely to have pathogenic bacteria in their guts than babies that are natural born. That is, in a large-scale British study in the journal Nature has been published. Therein (as compared to researchers, the intestinal flora of the 596 Pound baby. At 83 per cent, of the babies through a caesarean section, were born, the researchers found disease-causing and, often, drug-resistant bacteria. The children have a natural child birth was born, was that 49 per cent of them had had the disease-causing bacteria is only possible if they have been exposed to the antibiotics, or if they don’t have to breastfeed did so.

the Children from their mothers and from the environment with the bacteria in their gut and will to colonize. An emergency c-section, antibiotics, or no, breast milk can be that the process is interrupted. And when the children get allergies or asthma more frequent.

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