The Australian chemicals firm Amcor has, in addition to the Ghelamco Arena is a lab open that day-in and day-out for all possible packages in a simple two-pass. To a lot of online-ordered packages turn out after all to be no cracks or leaks.

The labtechnicus stop for a bag of dog food in a cardboard box, which he filled with plastic air cushions. Then, the package is in a valmachine the first nine times against the ground, gekwakt, and then for two hours by shaking on a vibrating plate, and finally, firmly pressed together by others).

In a valmachine or “droptester” the pack of nine times against the ground, gekwakt Photo: DVH

“this way, we simulate a medium package has to be passed once it is online, it is ordered,” said labtechnicus As Anciaux. He clears the box and shows no major dings. Open it take the bag of dog food, the hour of trial, no cracks in side of it. Well, for an ISTA certificate.

“Sometimes you can fail a package, in the test,” says Ingo Baeyens, the head of the research and development labs. by Amcor in Europe. “The bottle caps, or nozzles, are often the weakest link in the chain. In this way, the customer’s product is delivered, that is leaking or damaged, it is.”

Ingo Baeyens, and thomas m. Anciaux, in the city tested by Amcor. Photo: DVH


“E-commerce is becoming more and more important,” says Virginie Maes, marketing manager of Amcor Europe and asia. “But it is a product that is purchased, it should be a lot more obstacles to overcome than if it is from the factory to the supermarket and there, on a rack. The first falls are at the pakjesmagazijn, where the range of the position. This is followed by a long and often bumpy road to a new country. And finally, it may be that the package be damaged, as the courier with a delivery truck up to the door of the client’s will.”

“the Packaging must be compact. Now, the boxes are often too big, and they are full filling the customer’s need to dispose of it”, says Baeyens.

“Amazon, the dominant player in the pakjesmarkt, to ask manufacturers now to get the boxes on the size of the product. And by 2025, it will be part of the pack can be recycled, should be.”

That’s the Gent for this study was selected from forty-five European, subsidiaries of Amcor, is a real plus. “Soon, we will be opening a separate application. This will focus on the sustainability of our films, and polymers. The future of the Amcor Gent, 450 people are employed, is assured.”