Also, immigrant insects winter break. Currently, there is no trace of the in this dry and hot summer in the Frankfurt city area emerged exotic mosquitoes, which have been identified by experts after a thorough investigation, as the Asian tiger mosquito. The European praying mantis, in turn, up to 7.5 centimeters wide, on the Mediterranean sea based fishing locust, 2017, for the first time until the main line is penetrated, it has been discovered this summer in the Wetterau and Rheingau between the blades of grass and herbaceous plants. But currently, it no longer shows.

Mechthild Harting

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The Marbled tree bug can get in these days, only the face, the heats a cool room suddenly, such as overnight guests. Then sometimes one of these insects look, the can secrete a smelly Secretion to deter enemies. In summer and autumn the animals in the Rhine-Main-area, mass. By now, most keep their six legs still to spend the winter in a safe shelter.

disease Transmission

The warmth of love brought the end of the bee-eater, a colorful bird, a few weeks ago by the return flight to the African winter quarters before the Frost and snow. However, as the ornithologists say, he returns for a few years in the North, if it is warm and dry.

Some of the immigrant species of animals and plants as enrichment, other than pests. For example, Hesse’s Ministry of health has recently published the “information on the Asian tiger mosquito in the state of Hesse” and in it described what needs to be done, so that these blood suckers continue to spread or proliferate. The mosquitoes could transmit “under certain conditions, to diseases, to the people,” it says.

the promise of The Ministry of health, with the support of the state office for nature, environment and Geology “the view” and “take necessary measures”. There is also the population to Using asks. The mosquitoes increased, preferably, in small pools of water in gardens and on balconies, around in saucers and watering cans. Currently, there is no danger of the bloodsuckers go out because of the low temperatures. However, at the latest, when it is warmer again, wants to start the Ministry of a information campaign. Even if no of the diseases that can be transferred to the mosquito, “has occurred”.

the spread of the tiger mosquito

researchers from the Senckenberg society and the Goethe University expect that the Asian tiger mosquito is spreading in Northern Europe. You see, in this respect, Parallel to the related yellow fever mosquito, which has by now conquered almost all ecological niches. This species, according to the researchers, but also exported since 300 to 400 years in other areas. The tiger mosquito is spreading, however, since 30 to 40 years. That she feels in the state of Hesse, is a consequence of the hot, dry summer and, ultimately, of climate change.

The Marbled tree bug is not transmitting dangerous viruses, but prepares you horticulture experts and growers. Unlike the native Green stink bug she sucks not only on leaves, but are particularly fond of fruit, which can discolor and deform. The Italian economic research Institute indicates that in 2016 harvest around 40% of the Italian Kiwi and Pear by these insects destroyed. In Asia, where the Marbled tree bug comes from, it is regarded as a pest.