Max Verstappen is not a strong supporter of the F1 calendar to 22 races. That left the Dutchman has recently become apparent.

the Next year, staatmet 22 races, a record in the F1 calendar. After months and months of speculation and debate, the F1 calendar is yet to be further expanded, which is something the F1 teams don’t have to jump in.

in Particular, for lots of people, it means that a very heavy tax, and the balance between work life and personal life to add more pressure. According to Max Verstappen will be the expansion of the calendar, even, to divorce, to lead it.

“I know that there are more races, more money can be earned, but you also have to think about those in the formula 1, and also to their families,” says Verstappen.

‘Technicians can just take the papers for their divorce to sign. I think that you are not well aware of what to expand to 22 races for them and their families.’

the Stumbling is that it’s formula 1, not just in the F1 calendar, it should continue to grow. “I think we just got the best tracks to select from.’

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