In the 1980s, thousands of young people used what are called subsidized contracts to enter the world of work. Offered as accelerators to understand professional life, they have supported hundreds of people and offered them the opportunity to prove themselves. However, these devices had certain limitations, in particular those of not being taken into account in the calculation of pension rights. The recently voted reform will repair this injustice, as we explain to you in our slideshow.

More than a million young people signed these contracts at the start of their professional life without knowing that no account would be taken into account for their retirement. The durations proposed did not allow the youngest to start accumulating terms for retirement. An injustice and a source of difficulty for this generation, now subject to the steps of an upcoming retirement. For many of them, these future retirees imagined, therefore, that these periods would allow them to start their contribution, without knowing that this would not be the case.

Faced with this complex situation and alerts from the collective “TUC the forgotten”, a parliamentary flash mission was organized to reflect on the best way to integrate these periods of activity into the calculation of retirement. It was ultimately the pension reform that made it possible to decide in favor of taking into account these periods worked to obtain quarterly retirement. It is thus provided that 50 days of professional training courses give the right to the validation of a quarter. Discover, in our slideshow, the five contracts that now give you rights.