In terms of task demarcation of health care professionals, such as nurses and zorgkundigen, it should be more flexible. “We are in favour of a more open approach. In response to the changing zorgnoden, and the shortage of staff, there is an urgent need for a more flexible personeelsnorm. The alarm code red” is heard in the umbrella organisation like Zorgnet-Icuro.

Which may be, for example, an injection, or a possible application? That will be determined by the national RD 78, that is, the content of the zorgberoep in the us, the country of your choice. This law was later tuned, though, he can still be the basis for the zorgberoep. “Make sure it is in the us, the country is subject to all of the rules of the game. This is, of course, is good, because it ensures the quality of it,” says Margot Cloet, who for the past two years, chief executive officer at Zorgnet-Icuro.

But at the same time, those laws, which for more than forty years of age, according to her, need to be adjusted. “Today, we can, in some cases, however, to speak of a certain degree of over-regulation. It might have been able to do. A nurse may, for example, given the technical and complex duties to perform, but some tasks are left to other zorgprofielen, however, that there is today, according to the law, do not have the right qualifications for it,” says Margot Cloet.

The request is coming from Zorgnet-Icuro to have a certain degree of flexibility in the personeelsnorm is especially prompted by the shortage of human resources for health. As the law is today, can sometimes become rigid and not adapted to today’s needs. For that reason, Cloet to stakeholders such as the government and the social partners, to raise awareness. “We have seen that the classic recipes do not work for that deficit. The user is red,” she states. In addition, certain actions are inevitable consequences of this. “The bachelor of nursing for four years, the job market for a year, still, because there are no nurses to graduate.”