While her husband is afbeult in Manchester, after the interlandbreak on the pitch, it was Michèle Lacroix – mrs. Kevin De Bruyne – yesterday, just in Kevins home. In art, The, located in Sint-Martens-Latem, the work of art was unveiled on the KDB and his wife for their second anniversary and has given to it.

It is called Illustrations ), and it depicts mrs. De Bruyne out of colored pieces of glass. The work of a Flemish artist, She has Scheltjens, who is an international sensation, made with a special technique of glass fusion , the processing of the small pieces of glass into a pointillist whole. “I was curious to see the results, and I am very pleased with it,” says Michèle. The job is tailor-made for their living room at their home in Bolderberg. “Now I have to find something else to get Kevin to give up on our third wedding anniversary,” says Michèle. “But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a work of art, too. It’s the thought that counts.”

you can READ as WELL. Illustrations will be her wedding gift from Kevin De Bruyne look at Latem: “This is breathtaking,”
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