The league is working so well Sjotcast’t figure it out. In this Podcast from The local Newspaper to take chef George Gysen, voetbalredacteur, Guillaume Maebe and the editor-in-chief Lars-Godeau you through the wonderful world of football on, but also off the field. In episode 10, Guillaume, and the role of the videoref do not ignore it, combine A beer with a dice and has the Girl over to the latecomer, in Laszlo Bölöni, and -believe it or not, that is, the adult male in the Some of Lamkel Zé.

Sjotcast: every Monday at 16h).

In the Sjotcast stories, Guillaume Maebe, George Gysen, and A Godeau, about the life of a young journalist in the wide world of football. From time to time with a guest, and their needs. In the second season, will there be each and every Monday a new episode is online, a time to be 16.

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YOU CAN READ AS WELL. In the figures, it is Club Brugge are the best in the country.

More about Sjotcast SJOTCAST. Americans are arroganter than the inhabitants of antwerp? The Red Flame, She, a Pen, the answer is in episode 9! SJOTCAST. You will find just as Tuur Dierckx is that the videoref a square turn? Episode 8 is now available! SJOTCAST. Any team that plays the best football in Belgium? Episode 7 is now online! SJOTCAST. The popularity of Essevee, is the return of Diagne and a shot of vodka in the walk-in closet. In episode 6, we look at Bossut!