as a Belgian, Anouar Haddouchi, the man who was the “executioner of Raqqa” and who has been accused of being involved in the financing of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, denies any terrorist activity. That, he said in an interview with the Italian newspaper Fatto daily life’. The man, who is also known by his alias-Abu Suleiman al Belgiki, says that, in Belgium, tried it.

Anouar Haddouchi (34) to be involved in the financing of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. Received Muhammad, Abrini, on the 22nd of march, “ ” the man with the hat” at the airport, about 3,500 euros from the bank account of the Haddouchi. In addition, he is known as the “hangman of Raqqa,” because he was there for more than 100 executions, it would have been done. Raqqa is the former stronghold of the terreurbeweging of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.


But the man denies that right now. “I’ve never seen a gun in their hand, and I’ve never seen anyone killed in front of ISIS,” said Haddouchi, which will add to anyone to have this adventure with the ISIS. “It’s turned into a bad dream. I would like to return to Belgium and live a normal life.”

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Haddouchi claims to be from ISIS, a kantoorjob to have had a hand in the Tell Abyad, where the arrivals from Turkey were recorded. “After a couple of days, I realized that it was not the life that I had been led to believe. I could make up my mind, my life would be in danger if I did. From there, after my bad dream has come true. I wanted to go, but I could not.”

the Contradictions

Fatto daily life. discovered, however, several contradictions in the claims made by Haddouchi. If he says he will never set foot in Raqqa and put in a bit later to add that he saw a man being murdered by ISIS, “probably a cop”.

finally, The federal public prosecutor’s office has for a long time and research into his involvement with the terrorist cell, from the 22nd of march. Haddouchi – nicknamed Abu Suleiman al Belgiki – the central square in Raqqa, more than 100 beheadings have been done. However, the security forces can’t say for sure that the man is the executioner, is that everyone thinks it is. “Caution is definitely in place,” said a veiligheidsbron. “It’s going to make a statement that is very difficult to verify the fall.”

the Four different Belgian Syriëstrijders have nicknamed Abu Suleiman al Belgiki used to, ” says Jihadkenner by Pieter Van Ostaeyen. But through inference of them to Haddouchi.

the Prison

Haddouchi is sitting in a prison in Syria’s Democratic Forces. Together with his wife, Julie, He (32) was arrested by the Kurdish forces picked up after the battle to be the last ISIS stronghold of Baghouz. It is still unclear as to where he will stand trial in Syria, either here or in France.
More about the Syriëstrijders Iraq to be open to trying a Belgian ISIS fighters, He threatened ISIS prisoners at europe’s borders: “We don’t want to have to pay for the costs of Antwerp ISIS fighter in Syria-cell“, We may not be a new generation of jihadi’s are being raised in Syria,”