What if your daughter’s afraid to get her loose tooth out? The Swiss Thimo, Arnold has a creative solution for this problem. The driving instructor will bond and simply have the tooth, of his ten-year-old daughter, Selina, with a rope fixed to the car. Enough to be going away but it is enough to get her out in time of need, to help. All of them are not happy with the way the special method of operation.

finally, A video of the moment posted it to Facebook as an advertisement for his school. “We’ve all been there, not such a problem in real life? In our school, you may be in a lot of situations that will help”, he added.

Some people have asked whether the video is whether or not it was gefaket. “Not at all,” said Arnold. “I don’t like to have the test with my hands to remove it. And, in addition, she was very excited when I got the idea of proposing.” Dentists suggest that the technique is not. “The risk of injury and infection, it is because of this huge” sound to it.

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