This Thursday, June 15, 2023 is broadcast a new episode of the detective series HPI – High intellectual potential – with Audrey Fleurot on TF1. In this original French fiction, the star plays Morgane Alvaro, ex-housekeeper and single mother with an intelligence quotient equivalent to 160.

As gifted and brilliant as Albert Einstein, this flamboyant redhead nevertheless combines the galleys. Between the education of her three children, born to two different fathers, five credits to repay and an unrewarding job, this fighter woman is not afraid to say what she thinks and does not intend to be led by the wand . Suffice to say that it is a role “high in color” which is not likely to leave indifferent the curious in front of their television.

While working at night in the police station, Morgane Alvaro, played by Audrey Fleurot, will drop a file and stick her nose in a criminal case. Which is not to the taste of the police which surprises her. However, her sense of deduction will lead her to an unusual collaboration, the young mother being promoted to consultant status.

Alongside the famous actress, we discover an incredible cast on screen in HPI. In the first season, viewers met Mehdi Nebbou, a great friend of Audrey Fleurot, but also Bruno Sanches (half of the duo Catherine and Liliane), and the actresses Marie Denarnaud and Bérangère Mc Neese. Without forgetting the actors Rufus, Cédric Chevalme, Christopher Bayemi and the young Cypriane Gardin and Noé Vandevoode, in the roles of the children of Morgane Alvaro. A whole cast that rubbed shoulders during months of filming in a beautiful region of France.

During the first season of the TF1 detective series, the Itinéraire Productions and Septembre Productions teams set up their cameras and their suitcases in Hauts-de-France. A shoot located in the north of the region bordered by the sea and the suburbs between Lille and Dunkirk. For the record, the interior scenes were shot in the former premises of Sciences-Po Lille, as indicated by La Voix du Nord, during ten months of filming between November 2019 and August 2020.

“There is a variety of landscapes and scenery which is incredible, and which we have in no other region”, explains executive producer Patrice Onfray to our colleagues. “In the Hauts-de-France, you can find timeless corners as well as very modern buildings, the countryside and the seaside…”. While for producer Pierre Laugier, the North is also characterized by “the atmosphere that can be had in Scandinavian or British series”.

Enough to allow Audrey Fleurot to take ownership of the premises, not hesitating to comment behind the scenes of the filming on her Instagram page. For fans of detective fiction, it is also an opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes throughout the investigations in HPI on TF1.

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed over the three seasons, it’s undoubtedly the extravagant and “Morganesque” outfits of actress Audrey Fleurot. The star finds her inspiration on the Vinted sales platform, as she confided on Yann Barthès’ Quotidien set.

“On the sets, there is a lot of time when we do nothing. (…) So I started looking on Vinted to find stuff and I found wonders, it really impressed me amused. The idea being that it is always in the budget of Morgane. And we find pearls“, she explained.

An offbeat and assumed look that makes Morgane Alvaro’s character so charming. “I wanted there to be a good deal of bad taste, totally assumed”, she had explained in the program 50mn Inside and to continue: “I also wanted something of the order of comics or even downright the superheroine. In the end, it gives a kind of Wonder Woman costume. But an everyday Wonder Woman (…) Since then, I have also bought I don’t know how many “morganic” clothes”.