Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, a Frenchman, who is suspected of being his wife, and their four children have been killed, it is picked up at the airport and the city of Glasgow. It was in april 2011, the husband sought. That is reported by the Le Parisien .

The man travelled under a false identity, which, according to the newspaper, and also changed its appearance. It was his fingerprints that tie omdeden. Dupont was reported to be not, and it will be shipped to France, where he made eight years ago without a trace, disappeared.

the Five-time murder

Supposedly, on the night of 3 april 4, 2011, Agnes (48), and children Arthur (20), Thomas (Aged 18), Anne (16) and, By (13) with a bullet in the back of the sleep, shot in france, in Nantes. Their bodies were found in burlap sacks under the patio of their house to be clogged, which a few weeks later, the police were to be found.

Photo: AFP

The father of the family of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, it was quickly identified as the prime suspect for the five-fold murder. It is, however, yet to result in a conviction because the man is ever since the facts emerge, it is. The then-50-year-old Dupont, and was last seen on the 15th of april, in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, in a French city in the Mediterranean Sea, where the family will do that for a while she lived had.

the Practiced in the archery club:

The five-fold murder in France for many years, is mentioned. After the discovery of the five bodies and it was clear that the murder in a very cold-blooded way, had been prepared and carried out. The person in charge of the archery club already stated that Dupont is in the week prior to the murder four times and was out of practice with a carbine. He could also be a noise suppressor have been tested. The home of the family was then thoroughly cleaned as well.

you can Also have usage in the first few days after the murders, were more details are known. It would be so for a night and stayed at the Auberge de Cassagne, a five-star hotel in Vaucluse. For a stay that he recorded under his first name, Xavier Laurent. After that, he’d have a night in a Formule 1-hotel stay, and more than 30 have picked it up, but after that, there was no trace of the man.

Mistress in hiding

On the occasion of the gezinsmoorden was never any real clarity. In letters to his friends and called the Dupont’s are a “secret agent”, which may suggest delirium. On the other hand, found the court, the man’s large debt was built up by a not very successful zakenparcours. Its largest creditor, turns out to be the secret lover-to-be. The woman, reported to the court, to the search for Dupont to move forward. Also, she was afraid for her life, and then went, therefore, temporarily with a friend of mine.

the Vow of silence

now, Though, the facts date back to seven years ago, the people are still tips to the inside of the case a total of more than a thousand. Dupont has been already been “spotted” in Thailand and Africa, but not all of the controls in place so far to no avail.

at the Beginning of 2018, there was one more piece of advice from someone who is considered “a man who is very, very similar to Dupont’s” has been seen, during a mass at the monastery of Roquebrune-sur-Argens. There was a lot of faith is attached to the tip: by Dupont in 2011, the last time being filmed by a surveillance camera just a few hundred meters away from the building. And how can you get better to hide than in a convent, where the monks have a vow of silence will have passed?

The detectives searched the entire monastery, but it was, ultimately, no-one, that the description of the day.