Today, an exciting challenge awaits you: a quiz entirely dedicated to children’s riddles. But, before diving into this quiz, let us tell you a little unusual story about a riddle created from scratch… by a child. But not just any one: Albert Einstein. The famous scientist, created a riddle in his childhood, claiming that only 2% of the population could solve it. So, do you think you have a logical enough mind to take on this challenge?

The statement is simple, but the resolution is anything but obvious. Imagine five differently colored houses lined up along a road, each inhabited by a person of a different nationality, with a distinct profession, a favorite drink and owning a pet. Here are the clues:

Who owns the goldfish?

The resolution may seem complex, but the key lies in a simple and orderly methodology. You must first create a table with five columns for the houses and five rows for each category (color, nationality, profession, drink, animal). Take your time, fill in the boxes based on the clues, and if you get stuck, explore different possibilities.

In the end, house number 4, green in color, occupied by the German who drinks coffee and smokes Marlboros, holds the much sought-after fish!

After this most difficult riddle, Planet offers you a lighter quiz with 10 child-level riddles. Up to you ! The answers are on the 11th slide.