The Verhulst (25) is located on the website at the unfortunate decision to let catch. In the goedbekeken program < / I> Ranking of the stars, by Paul de Leeuw’s show (57), in which ten well-known personalities are using vragenlijstjes to order, had to Verhulst, and other candidates to assess who is the bigger d is.

Verhulst, put himself in the first place, but it surprised us with a serious note. “I hate children, but they spend a lot of time.” As a joke, which is part of the competitive tone of the show. But at the end of the general public with such a statement, and of the son, by Studio 100, the boss Gert Verhulst. Me Verhulst did not subsequently respond to it.

Since Love island has presented, is the Verhulst in relation to our neighbors, a well-known figure.

for More on The Verhulst The Verhulst know how to amaze you with impressive comprehension of Davy Brocatus, We Verhulst, during the course of rehearsals, a commentary of a… grandfather, Jos: “You should get your hands moving!” The Verhulst bears witness to his serious car accident: “The accident is played continuously in my head,” Viktor Verhulst, may not dance in ‘Dancing With the Stars.’