The news came as a surprise. The actress Hélène de Fougerolles will take over the role of Nathacha Lindinger in the mythical series Sam on TF1. On his Instagram account, the 49-year-old star could not hide his joy.

“I’m so happy!! (That was why, My casting and my dance of joy on the train! “It’s a real joy for me to take over the role of Sam. After playing Captain Hélène Bach in ‘Balthazar’ for three years, I dreamed of a recurring role with which I could express humor, derision, be politically incorrect while having a real intensity”, she wrote on the canvas and add: “This series also deals with social issues and allows me to address themes that are close to my heart: motherhood, transmission, education, the place of women, the couple, the singularity, the transgression. dream of more? I’m satisfied!”.

After having lived most of her life in Paris, the famous actress made the choice – like many French people – to leave the city to go green. A carefully considered choice, in particular because of the global health crisis.

“Like many Parisians, I think that now I want to live in the countryside. The yellow vests, the strikes, the confinement… the atmosphere is leaden and unpleasant. So for sure, I’m going to break. I want to be in the countryside, having a vegetable garden, she confessed to Paris Match in April 2020. Oh yes! I also started training in permaculture. In short, you see, the return to real life is going to be difficult.

Always with our colleagues, the actress Hélène de Fougerolles confided what she was going to do at the time of deconfinement. For this relentless work, there was no doubt. “I’m going to be sent to work! I love to work, I love my life as an actress. But if I’m not called immediately, I’ll go visit houses in Aix-en-Provence”. As she announced her departure from the Balthazar series after three seasons on TF1, the ex-heroine and accomplice of Tomer Sisley realized her dream by settling hundreds of kilometers away, in Vaucluse.

Based in the heart of the Luberon, actress Hélène de Fougerolles has found her corner of paradise to recharge her batteries. Between her yoga activities, gardening and outings with friends, the quadra vegan takes care of her daughter with autism on a daily basis and gives her news to her fans on the web. Like this weekend when the author appeared to be an accomplice with her friend Constance Chaperon in red overalls or canon in a leopard dress at the end of June.

Followed by 86,000 subscribers on Instagram, the new “grass influencer” has fun with her (self-proclaimed) status by sharing her most beautiful photos. Before finding her soon on the screen (in the TV movie And the mountain will flower on France 3 and the Valkyries series on TF1), here is what the new life of actress Hélène de Fougerolles looks like through our slideshow.