On December 22, 2004, the singer Lucie Bernardoni, candidate for the 4th season of Star Academy, faced Grégory Lemarchal, singer with the voice of an angel and big winner of this edition. The 35-year-old artist, who has continued his career in music, will be one of the two rehearsals of the bonuses for the 10th season which will take place this Saturday, October 15, 2022.

For several years, the singer has been suffering from a rare genetic disease. This is what she confided last June to Jordan Deluxe on her show Chez Jordan for Télé-Loisirs. “I know that I have had a genetic disease for a long time but I said to myself, I don’t have to do it and one day I got fed up and it was instinct that spoke (…) I I needed it. I was tired of having to lie when I was tired, when I felt unwell,” she said and continued: “I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is a genetic disease. We will say to explain simply, many people suffer from it, which is a muscular and vascular disease. The collagen does not pass well in the tissues (…) I was diagnosed quite late, there are many of medical wandering, like many genetic diseases”.

Mother of a daughter named Lily Angelina, Lucie Bernardoni suffers daily from this disease. “I don’t have great health. I certainly won’t be able to be pregnant anymore, to my great despair (…) It was something that was difficult to accept, which made me fall into depression. For a long time and in As a woman, I hid from depression for a long time. It was as far as wanting to jump over a balcony,” she explained. More recently, the singer had once again mentioned her illness in the columns of Public, saying that she now managed to have a more stable life despite the illness. “Now I manage to rest, with the right physio exercises and a stable lifestyle”, she explained before qualifying: “this does not prevent physical pain and certain questions”.