Power cuts: cash dispenser, priority on the right… We will have to adapt


France is getting organized. The arrival of winter and the accompanying drop in temperatures will lead to greater energy consumption by individuals and businesses alike. If RTE has noted a drop in consumption in recent weeks, this does not mean that the country will escape the rotating load shedding, provided for in the event of tension on the electricity network.

Despite this threat that hangs over the next few weeks, Emmanuel Macron wanted to be reassuring this weekend. Asked by TF1 on the sidelines of his visit to the United States, the head of state explained: “Don’t panic, it’s useless and it’s not true”. According to him, load shedding is an “extreme” track, with a “fictitious” aspect: “It is normal for the government to prepare an extreme case, because (…) sometimes the unthinkable happens”. The president wanted to recall that the right gestures could avoid arriving at such a situation, explaining: “If, all together, we hold the sobriety plan (…), that is to say, reduce by about 10% compared to our usual consumption, if we are all a little careful and EDF continues the work (…) then yes, we will be able to pass, even with a cold month of December and January, this period”.

A reassuring message, but RTE recalled at the beginning of the month that red EcoWatt days were expected in January. During these periods, all French people will have to adapt their electricity consumption, in order to avoid the load shedding mentioned by the managers of the electricity network. Candles, phosphorescent paint, auxiliary lamp… The French are organizing themselves now to limit the impact at home, but these punctual and organized cuts will have consequences beyond the four walls of their house. Will we still be able to withdraw cash, use the elevator or take our car? One thing is certain, we will have to adapt. Here is what will change on a daily basis.