Bank card: beware of malfunctions for Black Friday


Three, two, one… Buy! Black Friday starts Friday, November 25, even if many brands have already been offering you attractive discounts since the start of the week, or even since last weekend. Be careful not to jump on these tempting offers too early, because the biggest reductions will take place this Friday, not before.

According to an OpinionWay study for Bonial, 28% intend to shop on Black Friday and 24% even wait for it to buy all their Christmas gifts. With an average budget of 398 euros, consumers plan to buy clothes, IT devices, but also household appliances and furniture. They still expect significant discounts, around 44% minimum.

Be careful if you plan to pay by credit card, because many scammers will take the opportunity to direct you to fake merchant sites, in order to recover your bank details and extract money from you. Be very careful before carrying out the transaction, at the risk of falling into a trap like our reader a few years ago.

If it is a big day for e-commerce platforms, payment systems are also expecting many transactions, especially by credit card. As Le Parisien explains, many buyers could have a bad surprise when paying for their basket, because a strike could well disrupt transactions… What to expect on Friday, November 25?

The unions of the Worldline company have indeed maintained their call for a strike for this weekend, demanding an increase in their wages. This is the first time in 12 years that workers have gone on strike. On their site, they explain: “Driven by the demands of employees and their difficulties in coping with inflation, we are in the 6th act of the strike at Worldline. We had initially chosen short strikes, during the day, without impact technique on customer services”.

A first phase which, according to the unions, did not have the expected effects. As a result, they chose to change the method. “As a result (…) we are resuming the strike on Friday all day, the day of Black Friday and therefore of high activity on the Worldline payment platforms”. According to Le Parisien, we will have to expect malfunctions during payments by credit card.

If the impact of the last strikes has not necessarily been visible for bank card holders, it could be greater, “given the explosion in the number of transactions to be expected”, explains the Ile-de-France daily. “In the event of strong mobilization, malfunctions could thus not be resolved quickly, causing a deterioration in the quality of service”, adds Le Parisien.

Should you postpone your purchases? Not necessarily, especially since the strike could be renewed on another important day… Monday November 28th. On their site, the trade unions warn that “without an appropriate response from management, this strike will be renewable the following Monday, the day of Cyber ​​Monday, also of very high payment activity”.